This fucking show

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Day 239

Took my calc test today, and it sucked! I hope I at least passed, but at least my final will replace this grade. I know I’m going to do good on this final, and I have too. Crawfish boil was today, and I loved it. I love eating crawfish. They had some bomb ass corn too, and afterwards, it was TNDC so it was even better, AND I got some whataburger too since I was still hungry even though I ate a shit ton of crawfish. 

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why dont these words rhyme

but for some god forsaken reason pony and bologna do

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Ellen had to do a huge favor for a good friend of hers during the show today. We’d like to thank Michelle’s husband for taking the time to talk with us!

Michelle’s husband.

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Extreme close-ups of human eyes by Suren Manvelyan

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Hilltop Home in Bel Air (via Hilltop Home in Bel Air)

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If Disney Villains Had Won

but this is really beautiful tho… in a creepy way

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Day 238

Did pretty bad on my chem exam… I thought I understood it! But once I got to the actual test, everything was different. Nothing was the same…. Now I’m studying for my calc exam tomorrow, so I’m going to try to get out of class as early as possible. I still have some stuff to learn for the test too which sucks. So I’m gunna wake up a little early to study and get some stuff done. Tomorrow’s the crawfish boil too! Then after that it’s the usual TNDC. 

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omfg her face

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"Fuck off Shaun I am taking a picture."


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